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Pot Belly Pies, Yamba

 This week piefinder sampled a slow cooked lamb specialty from one of the clear front-runners in the gourmet pie business. Pot Belly Pies started as a small pie shop in Yamba, and has now expanded its operation to seven stores around northern NSW in what the owners hope will become a national empire. They boast a classic menu with a few quirky additions, such as the lambs fry and bacon or the chilli chicken and mango, but on this occasion piefinder just couldn’t resist the lamb mint and rosemary.


Lamb Mint & Rosemary - $6.50

  • Flavour – 8
  • Pastry – 7
  • Temperature – 7
  • Chunk Ratio – 8
  • Value – 8




Wow. A huge pie packed full of flavour. Every tender chunk graciously fell apart, and the delicate sauce was perfectly balanced with seasoned mint and rosemary. Its pies like this that explain why Pot Belly Pies are taking over Australia! This splendid specimen sits at #11 on the piefinder top pies list, and we cant wait to get back up the north coast and try out a few more off the menu!

If you have any room left after putting away one of these meaty monsters, we also recommend you try one of the divine sweet pies that Pot Belly’s have on offer. The Belgian chocolate mousse pie was the perfect way to finish off lunch, and a must try for all those chocaholics out there.




7 thoughts on “Pot Belly Pies, Yamba
  • Kirsty Cable says:

    yeah pot belly do quality pies hey! mmmmmm

  • Barry Johnson says:

    I have been a massive fan of pot belly pies since the original store opened in Yamba. My favourites are the plain chunky steak, curried steak and pepper steak. I will say that in recent times with pot belly pies being mass produced the quality has declined slighlty, but i still eat one every chance i get.

    Dont drive by a pot belly pie shop without trying one>.

    • Tim says:

      Unfortunately I can’t agree with the comments above. Since being franchised the quality of Pot Belly Pies has plummeted … now mass produced in a central kitchen rather than fresh daily and made on the premises .. has taken its toll. However check out Pie and Pea in the main street of Yamba and you will find THE best pies in the state.

  • Kerry Cassells says:

    But, are they as good as Henderson’s Pies?????????

  • dave says:

    they are bloody beautiful….and we are from VIC. its a must when we travel through NSW……. 9/10

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